About us

The Construction Disputes Tribunal (“CDT”) is an institution established to administer construction disputes only. This institution administers construction disputes within the African continent.

CDT provides the following dispute resolution mechanisms: Dispute Avoidance; Expert Determination; Adjudication and Arbitration. Our Panel of Conciliators, Experts, Adjudicators and Arbitrators are qualified professionals with experience in and proven knowledge of construction contracts/projects and disputes.  We also offer a panel of expert witnesses.

Why use CDT to administer disputes?

CDT administers disputes to ensure avoidance of any undue procedures

• CDT reviews decisions/awards prior to their release to prevent as far as reasonably possible any inconsistencies and errors

• CDT offers fixed costs in respect of the various dispute mechanisms to avoid ‘surprises’

• CDT ensures that dispute officers (Experts, Conciliators, Adjudicators, Arbitrators) act within their scope, perform their duties independently and impartially and review/assess any complaints raised by a party without disclosing same to the dispute officer where it such complaint is founded without sufficient grounds

• CDT has the authority to step in and terminate the appointment of any dispute officer on sufficient grounds and without the mutual consent of the parties. This ensures due process where a dispute officer is found guilty of any misconduct, impartiality, exceeding jurisdiction or otherwise as may be found by CDT

• CDT has the authority to correct any errors in decisions/determinations/awards made by dispute officers

Our Structure

CDT management structure covers the legal, cost and technical trades and consists of four members:

Zanda Roloff-01

Advocate Zanda Roloff

has extensive experience in construction contracts and disputes both nationally and internationally and specialises in construction contract law.  Adv. Roloff is also a qualified Mediator, Adjudicator and Arbitrator and is the leading course presenter at CDT.  Adv. Roloff has over 10 years’ experience in construction contracts and disputes.  She is the Director/Founder of Roloff Consulting (Pty) Ltd, the founder of CDT, the founder of the Legal Practitioner Journal, and the founder of the Divorce Mediation Association of South Africa.

Barry Fullarton-01

Mr. Barry Fullarton

is a quantity surveyor and has extensive experience (over 30 years) in the construction and engineering sector with specific focus project controls, delay analysis and dispute resolution.  Mr. Fullarton is an expert witness in construction delay analysis both nationally and internationally and is an accredited expert witness and accredited determinator.  Mr. Fullarton has been involved in numerous Adjudications and Arbitrations acting as an expert witness as well as in Courts both nationally and internationally.  Mr. Fullarton is the Founder/Director of HPR Project Consultants.

Johan Troskie-01

Mr. Johan Troskie

is a Professional Civil Engineer focussed on the development and infrastructure industry, having worked with major clients both within the public and private sectors.  Mr. Troskie has over 16 years’ experience both nationally and internationally in construction management and engineering, structural engineering, municipal services master planning, infrastructure project management and feasibility studies, and project finance. Mr. Troskie has been involved in many adjudications and arbitrations locally.  Mr. Troskie is the Director/Founder of Tedco Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd and the CEO of Inani Infrastructure (Pty) Ltd.

Trevor Naudé-01

Mr. Trevor Naudé

is an Electrical Engineer with vast experience in the mining sector and overall project management in respect of numerous projects.  Mr. Naudé has over 21 years’ experience in the mining, petrochemical and paper & pulp development sectors both nationally and internationally.  Mr. Naudé was the former managing director of EnI Electrical & Instrumentation (Pty) Ltd and is the current CEO/Director of JJMLT Holdings with specialisation in turn-key projects and project management.  Mr. Naudé has also presented numerous training on sales management and development.  Mr. Naudé has been involved in many adjudications and arbitrations locally.

Where any of our management members are involved in any manner including having been appointed as an expert, conciliator, adjudicator or arbitrator in a dispute administered by CDT that person shall not be part of the management committee (Secretariat) to administer the dispute.

CDT commits to providing its members with the best services to ensure disputes are resolved expeditiously, cost effectively and in accordance with the rules and procedures.